the finer things

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State Powerlifter.

  • Judith: Waaaa, Rick. Waaaaa.
  • Judith: Lemme axe you sumthin', man. You think you can change my diaper? You think you man enough to do that in front uh Carl?
  • Judith: I was inside Lori for nine months. Nine months, Rick. You couldn't even last inside her for nine seconds, man.
  • Judith: I'm a better baby than you ever were, Rick.
  • Judith: *rubs little hand furiously over head*
"I remember when I was younger and I wanted to be beautiful; now I’m older and I want to be intelligent. I want to burn hearts with brilliance and engulf souls with compassion. I want to be loved for my thoughts and nothing else."
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"A long time ago I learned not to explain things to people. It misleads them into thinking they’re entitled to know everything I do."
- Lisa Kleypas, Dreaming of You (via larmoyante)

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